What is MI LIFE?

The Michigan Leadership Improvement Framework Enhancement is a professional learning program for Michigan Educational Administrators that was developed as a result of a grant from the Microsoft Partners in Learning Program to the Michigan Department of Education.MI-LIFE is stimulating, inspiring and challenging and will cause school leaders to confront and question their current assumptions about leading, teaching and learning.Based on the  Michigan School Improvement Framework and aligned with the Council of School State Officers ISLLC (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium) school leader standards and the Microsoft Education Competencies, the MI-LIFE curriculum will provide technology-rich courses that, when successfully completed, will earn school leaders a Michigan Leadership Improvement Framework Endorsement and 18 State Board Continuing Education Units (SBCEUs.)

The courses in the MI-LIFE curriculum have been developed by a core faculty comprised of Michigan educators who have had practical experience in the “real” world of school leadership and understand the day-to-day workings of schools. While the courses are research based, they are practical and applicable to the busy leader’s daily life.

MI LIFE Partners

Michigan Department of Education

The Michigan Department of Education, under the direction of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, carries out the policies of the State Board of Education.

Microsoft Partners In Learning

Key components of the Microsoft Partners in Learning Program are State Innovation Partnerships. These four- to five-year public and private partnerships have been established to identify and support innovative solutions that advance 21st century teaching and learning. Six states are working with Microsoft and local education communities to develop new approaches and build sustainable models for improving the use of technology to meet 21st century teaching and learning needs. The Michigan Partners in Learning Program focuses on improving student achievement through leadership development.

To see Microsoft’s brochure on Partnerships in Michigan, click here.

Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) is the professional association serving superintendents and their first line of assistants. As such, it is a place you can call and ask for advice and information on a wide variety of subjects from technical to personal challenges. There are many other benefits to being an M.A.S.A. member. Here are just a few: Individual, Professional and Legal Counseling, Personal Contract Analysis, Legislative Representation, Public Relations Counseling, Conferences, Professional Development, Retirement Planning, Publication, Cooperation and Representation, M.A.S.A. Governance, Conference Planning, Educational Leadership, Legislation, Membership Services, Additional Services, Questions.

Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)

The Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) is committed to the improvement of secondary education in the State of Michigan (middle level, high school, and vocational centers). In pursuit of this commitment, the association shall provide leadership, research and services; promote standards of excellence; and work with other professional associations in search of solutions to problems. In addition, MASSP will work with the governor’s office, legislature and State Department of Education to improve education for students, and improve the status and welfare of MASSP members.

Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA)

The Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA) is a professional association for elementary and middle level principals in the State of Michigan.The strength of any organization relies on the strength of its membership. The membership not only supports the association through payment of dues but also in many key leadership roles. MEMSPA looks to a vital and vibrant future.

Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS)

Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS) was established in 1972 with a mission to create, facilitate, and promote meaningful contact among interested non-public school leaders; to establish acceptable common goals and means of cooperation that pertain to the acknowledgement of non-public schools; and to give witness to the total community regarding the heritage, and the immense social, educational, and economic benefit that non-public schools continue to provide our local communities and society in general.

Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA)

The Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) envisions a dynamic educational community where freedom, choice, standards and the accountability of market forces ensure world-class educational opportunities for all children.

Michigan Institute for Educational Management (MIEM)

The Michigan Institute for Educational Management (MIEM) is a 501(c-3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1981 by the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) and the Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO). Their Mission is to provide professional development activities for educational leaders in the state of Michigan that assist them in designing, planning, and implementing quality programs for all students. MIEM is the fiscal sponsor for the MI-LIFE program.

Michigan Association of School Boards

The Michigan Association of School Boards’ mission is to provide quality educational leadership services for all Michigan boards of education, and to advocate for student achievement and public education.

MI LIFE Teacher Resources

Accelerated Reader

Reading and language comprehension program used throughout Michigan.

Official website: https://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx

Answer keys: http://answeraddicts.com/accelerated-reader/


Multi-faceted education platform designed around ease of use and students excelling at their chosen programs.

Official website: https://www.odysseyware.com/

Answer keys: http://answeraddicts.com/odysseyware/

No Red Ink

Program focused around writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and language and spelling. Excellent online interface makes it easy to use for teachers all across Michigan.

Official website: https://www.noredink.com/

Answer keys: http://answeraddicts.com/no-red-ink/


One of the most popular platforms for learning in general. Used by corporations and government institutions as well as schools and colleges.

Official website: https://everfi.com/

Answer keys: http://answeraddicts.com/everfi/

Learn More About MI LIFE

Parents, teachers, and educators of all kinds may get in touch with us at the official MI Education Department website.